The Best Candles You'll Ever Find

Circle E Candles are not your typical candle. To create the signature candles we are known for the longest-burning and most delightfully fragrant candles on the market. We combine the finest fragrances available with our own exclusive blend of the highest-quality waxes. We then painstakingly hand-pour our candles into high-quality heavy glass containers using only lead-free wicks. No detail is left to chance.

With our consistently superior products, we have built a fiercely loyal following. 

Fragrances with Wicks

Circle E Candles have a characteristically smooth, creamy texture. By hand-pouring in stages, we avoid the mottled look you see in other candles. Mottling is caused by fractures in the wax that result from air entrapped in the wax as it cools. These fractures can also limit fragrance intensity, so we incorporate a special additive to prevent mottling from occurring. We use only the finest lead-free wicks and premium wax blends for a cleaner, longer burn. Hand-poured Circle E Candles also have a higher fragrance level, giving you consistent, quality fragrance down to the very last burn.

Hand-poured Distinction

Sure, it takes more time to hand pour each candle, but the result is well worth the wait. Our special blend of soft smooth waxes ensures the fragrance level at the bottom of each Circle E Candles candle is as strong as it is the first time you light it.

Vast Variety of Scents

Each year Circle E introduces new fragrances to our already extensive selection. Like a fine wine, each candle has a distinct color, bouquet and ambience.

75 hours burn time 

12 oz 78 hours burn time 

28 oz 155 hours burn time 

12 oz 78 hours burn time 

Fine Perfumes

Fresh Fruits

Gourmet Kitchen

Nature's Floral

Refreshingly Natural

Seasonal Favorites

All Fragrances 


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