Liter of Fully Shampoo~ Pump included for Shampoo

An antioxidant shampoo that rejuvenates form while adding body and shine. Encourage full body and enhance form and shine with added proteins.

  • Increase body and strength
  • Build form
  • Add volume while nourishing
  • Create the ageless look of shine
  • For all hair types


Silk Protein 
A hair protectant that adds strength, manageability and shine to hair.

Amino Acids 
These acids can penetrate into the hair shaft to help rebuild damaged hair.

A popular botanical thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and used in hair care to moisturize, and calm. Its juice helps to soothe frayed hair. Its leaf helps absorb ultra-violet light to protect hair from environmental elements.

A super-enriched, antioxidant berry with anti-aging properties.


8.5 oz of Infusion Treatment~

A hydration treatment that reverses damage,renews health and adds body. Lightweight and ideal for all hair types to maintain healthy condition and provide body and shine in a minute.

  • Enrich hair’s core
  • Maintain healthy condition
  • Transform hair with hybrid technology
  • Mask away damage
  • Bring on the shine
  • For all hair types


Olive Fruit Oil 

Natural oil taken from the olive trees of the Mediterranean that can help restore hair's health, youthfulness and beauty.

Citric Acid 

(Vitamin C) An antioxidant that plays an essential role in building collagen that also protects from free-radical damage.


A super-enriched, antioxidant berry with anti-aging properties.


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