Piable gel. Wet finish. This gelatin is guaranteed to shape your “wet” gel finish. Work through damp or dry hair for a pliable, gel-like hold.


Chaparral~Promotes growth
Strong healing herb grown in the Southwest linked to the natural treatment of cancer.

Known for its nourishing extracts and rejuvenating heat-damaged hair

Yuca~Provide body and volume
This natural plant has been used in hair regeneration and also a great skin protector

Sage~Stimulates and refreshes
An antiseptic, astringent and vasodialator that tightens pores and helps control bacterial growth. Reduces occurrence of blemishes on skin’s surface

Aloe Vera~Provide body and volume
Improves the skin's ability to hydrate itself, aids in the removal of dead skin cells, and has an effective penetrating ability that helps transport healthy substances through the skin

Pro vitamin B5~Moisturizes
A strong humectant, binds moisture into surface skin layers. When entering lower skin layers, becomes Pro Vitamin B-5, a vital element in healing. Reduces skin irritations. Increases skinB-5, a vital element in healing


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