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Offering innovative and current hair cutting and colouring techniques for both men and women.

We specialize in beautiful natural looking haircuts and colouring; 

we also enjoy on-trend edgy haircuts and colour.

Hair Cutting

Adult haircuts include shampoo, a relaxing scalp massage with steam towel option, blow dry & style 

Women's Haircut

$60  Kelli 
$70  Kevin Michael


Men's Haircut 

$45  Kelli 

$55  Kevin Michael


Kid's Haircut  12 years and younger

(Haircuts include shampoo, blow dry & style )

$35  Kelli 
$45  Kevin Michael


Bang Trim

$20  Kelli

$20  Kevin Michael  


Hair & Scalp Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatment

$75  Kelli  

$75  Kevin Michael 


GK Blow Out (Brazilian Blow Out)

$299-$399 Consultation Required.

Last 4-6 months. The GKhair Resistant formula restores and protects, maintaining hair's natural properties by creating a shield over each strand and restoring it from the inside out; while protecting against harmful UV rays, pollutants, chemical treatments and the rigours of daily shampooing and styling. The Hair Taming System with Juvexin Resistant Treatment can be used for all hair types to reduce frizz with maximum curl reduction while adding shine and leaving the hair more manageable. Resistant can be applied to previously chemically treated hair such as; colour, lightening, Japanese straightening or relaxed hair. Applications on virgin hair types will see improved results after each application. 


Hair Colouring

All colour services include shampoo, a relaxing scalp massage with steam towel option, blow dry & style

Kelli Manes

$90   Base touch up

$100  Partial Foil Highlight/Lowlight  

$150   Full Foil Highlight/Lowlight     

$150   Partial Balayage    

$175   Full Balayage

$35    Toner/Gloss   

Kevin Michael

$100  Base touch up

$125   Partial Foil highlights/Lowlight 

$175   Full Foil Highlight/Lowlight

$150   Partial Balayage  

$200  Full Balayage

$35     Toner /Gloss


$55  Kelli  

$60  Kevin Michael 


$25  Eyebrow Design  

$16  Eyebrow Maintenance 

$10  Upper Lip  

Shampoo + Style
Waxing Services


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