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Saturate hair with moisture, manageability and shine. Lather in a rich, hydrating luxury for deep-penetrating performance.

  • Repair and strengthen chemically treated hair
  • Quench dry hair's thirst for protection
  • Improve the condition of brittle strands
  • Indulge hair's inner brilliance
  • For all hair types

Silk Protein~Moisturize
A hair protectant that adds strength, manageability and shine to hair.

Wheat proteins~Moisturize
A healthy-hair promoter to increase elasticity and firmness.

Amino Acids~Nourish
These acids can penetrate into the hair shaft to help rebuild damaged hair.

Aloe~ Adds Shine 
A popular botanical thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and used in hair care to moisturize, and calm. Its juice helps to soothe frayed hair. Its leaf helps absorb ultra-violet light to protect hair from environmental elements.

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